French TagPay raises €25M from Long Arc Capital

The financial service industry is going through a massive digital transformation, and the new competitors are making it necessary for banks to invest in their IT segments. Digitalizing various aspects of the system can help in the sector’s rapid development and offer personalized products to customers. french tagpay 25m long arc.

TagPay by Hervé Manceron and  Yves Eonnet is a cost-efficient means of next-gen banking for financial institutes. It can transform an inefficient product into a scalable open for its perfect use in an open platform, improving customer experience. This is how the new market entrants should focus on offering better products and services to customers. french 25m long arc.

Since the launch of this concept in 2016, TagPay has been a suitable means for 20 financial institutes and top-tier European banks.

TagPay has raised $7 million and has announced $25 million from Long Arc Capital to strengthen its sales and technical team and offer better products to clients, with assured company growth. By another year, TagPay expects to double its customer base and multiply the end-customers by almost 5 times, offering secure bank service to them. In this regard, Societe Generale is a minor partner of the company, with its continued support for the team and enabling them to offer suitable service. tagpay 25m long arc.

 CEO of TagPay, Yves Enonnet commented how this evolution would bring new expectations for the customers, reducing chance of disruption in the financial sector and upgrading the core banking system once and for all. It will help the sector face and fix the challenges easily and offer seamless service to customers in the years to come. TagPay expressed gratitude toward Long Arc Capital for its immense operational and financial support to the company. Vincent Fleury also commented on how the contribution from Long Arc Capital benefits upgrading the core banking system. The companies can extend service to its full potential, connecting the bank environment even better with its customers. french tagpay long arc.